Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Damn Fine Blogs

[See earlier post on my bad blogging experiences first, please. Thx.]

Okay, I said we'd get to the good stuff, as I see it, and here it is. I'm sure that as time passes and venture more into the blogging world, other sites will jump out at me and make me beam with joy and inner peace. But for now, let me just introduce you to a couple that I am really liking so far. Bear in mind, they're in no particular order, after the first one (because she introduced me to blogs in the first place, so she goes first).

CrumleyDotOrg -- Not a Blogger blog, but a fine example of the mundane made heartwarming and amusing. The first blog I ever encountered belonged to a woman who, at the time, called herself SillyRed, and was documenting her struggle to conceive her first child. She had a few bumps and troubles along the way -- getting pregnant, sustaining a pregnancy, handling other people's pregnancies -- all of which she was unbelievably, outrageously, amazingly honest about in her now-defunkt blog. She came clean about her frustrations, her anger, her sadness and her disappointment, and (added bonus here) she's a gifted writer with a wonderful sense of humor. Happily, the need for that old blog vanished, as SillyRed (aka Mrs. Crumley) gave birth to a bouncing (and we do mean bouncing) baby boy last year. CrumleyDotOrg is their family blog, full of pictures of the Crumleys and their little boy as he grows, and Mrs. Crumley's observations of life, love, Mr. Crumley, and the little Crumley. A wholesome little family blog, full of amusing anecdotes and photos. Though I've never actually met the Crumleys, I adore them -- and I think you will, too. One of the best personal blogs around.

Actual Unretouched Photo -- Whereby our stalwart heroine, Mel, bravely and (nearly) single-handedly battles four children, time-zone ignorant relatives, and the city council to make the world safe for Democracy. And she's funny. And she's a pretty derned good writer, too.

Random Aimee -- We like Aimee because she reads her horoscope, swears like a sailor and has a wicked sense of humor. We also like Aimee because she asks the salient questions, the questions that must be asked, the questions that require asking and answering in order to preserve our humanity. Questions like, "In a company of nearly 4000 people, how fucking hard can it be to find a fine-point pen?" Attagirl, Aimee. You go! We're all here, right behind you... waiting to borrow your fine-point pen.

WaiterRant -- The blog that answers the musical question, "Do you want pomme frites with that?" If you want to know what life is like on the other side of the menu, Waiter waits to clue you in. He's funny, he's smart, he's honest, and he seems to like his job (most of the time, anyway). I suspect he's probably really good at his job, too, and since I am well aware that, though endowed with many skills and talents, waiting tables would be a job at which I would thoroughly suck, I admire that ability in a person.

A Cat's Eye -- Sandy, a sassy calico, regales us with stories of her day when her human adoptive parents, Food Miss Mommy and Dearest Daddy Meatler, have left the house for the day to go to work, or to Petsmart, or wherever they'll be gone for a while. Ordinarily, I find "pet blogs" a little dull and cutesy. But there's something about this blog. The voice... the tone... the things that are said... I have suspicions.... I suspect that Sandy's adoptive parents have no clue about this blog. I suspect that Sandy waits for the minivan to pull out, clicks on the computer and types her posts herself, swearing the dog and the other small, rodent-like pets to secrecy under penalty of death -- though she herself has admitted to being de-clawed, so it boggles the mind what evil awaits a snitch in Sandy's universe.

That's all the blog raving I have time for today. I intentionally omitted friends' blogs (though I mentioned A Twist of Kate as a good blog in the earlier post on rants), because what I find interesting about friends' blogs is the ability to keep up with friends' lives on a daily basis, despite school, work and life in general.

I have to go back to work now. Betty Thomas is a-hankerin' for a director's agreement, and I'm wearing just the pair dancin' slippers to fax it to her. Check out the blogs, make one of your own, write well, be good and drink your milk.


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  1. I'd send you flowers, only the dandelions have already turned to fluff. Oh, and I don't know your address. But thanks for the kind mention. :)


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