Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Kind of English

Speaking of CrumleyDotOrg (see post below), I got this one off of her blog. Interesting... I'm a native Californian, with two parents raised in the south, one who spent a few years living in Germany, the other who lived for two years in England, both of whom lived in New York for a few years, and who raised me here in Southern California -- mostly the San Fernando Valley, no less ("Oh, mah Gaawwwd! No weeeh!"), but spent summers in Texas and has spent considerable time either hanging around in England, talking in an English accent, or simply watching BBC America.

According to the brief quiz on this site, here is my linguistic profile:

Your Linguistic Profile:
  • 45% General American English
  • 30% Yankee
  • 15% Upper Midwestern
  • 10% Dixie
  • 0% Midwestern

Check it out yourself. I'd love to know what kind of English my target audience speaks. Oh... I spent a year in college in Kansas. Apparently, it had no lasting affect.



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  1. My results are as follows:

    60% General American English
    20% Dixie
    15% Upper Midwestern
    5% Yankee
    0% Midwestern

    Honestly, I'm not sure what most of those mean. Dixie and Yankee I can figure out, but I'm puzzled as to the rest. Who determined what the "general" American English is? Oh well.

    Thanks, this was interesting!


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