Friday, April 22, 2005

We Baaaaaaack!

As a couple of you know who tuned in yesterday, someone came along (pretending to be me) and, uhhh... hit the wrong button at the wrong time. She looked a lot like me.... same height... about same weight (except I'm thinner and carry it better)... same color eyes and hair.... And then, pretending to be me, she managed to hit the wrong button.... And delete the Chron.


Fortunately, I go through an FTP server independent of Blogger, so the information was preserved. I recreated the Chron, and my trusty server superhero, JD, resident god of JD-DCH and Cybernetic Bumper Breath, restored all the connections and got us back up and running. After giving me a sound pummeling with a smelly trout, of course
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-- which was thoroughly unfair, I thought, since it was not I who caused it all, but rather that other woman who looked like me (only I'm prettier and have better posture). Anyway, JD went above and beyond, we love him, we forgive him for the "trouting" -- and the cyberwedgie (another story for a later time) -- and we are his best friend forever for saving the Chron.

Most of the posts have been replaced, though I've got an HTML error somewhere on the page that I'll have to suss out, since I keep getting loading messages in IE that read "Done, but errors on the page." Then again, that might be just the way it should be. In Persia (now Iran), the most gifted rug weavers would intentionally weave their rugs with a tiny flaw or two, in order to prove that only Allah is perfect, and anything earthly attempting perfection is disrespectful to the flawlessness of Allah.

We have no wish to be disrespectful in the sight of God, and so we remain....

Imperfectly yours,

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