Friday, May 20, 2005

A Bit of Romance

Update.... Oh, you guys all guessed sooo well. "Chili Supper for Satan" was my second favorite. I loved all of those titles. But my absolute favorite was the one I thought was most perverse...

"This Book Costs More In Canada"
Thanks for playing.
Somebody shared it with me, so I'm sharing it with you. This website is just good (mostly) clean fun.

Anyone who guesses which cover is my personal fave gets a front page nod on the Chron on Monday. (Of course, she who did the original sharing of the site is ineligible as a guesser, because I already told her, but she has already earned a front-page mention Monday, just for knowing what's funny, by gosh.)

But it's all really just for laughs... because between a missing $8.8 billion dollars and more news of prisoner torture in Iraq, I figure we could just use the opportunity to sit back and laugh a bit before the weekend.

Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend. (Did I mention the temperature is supposed to be in the triple digits here in SoCal?)



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