Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mothers' Day Break.

I'm exercising my prerogative to be a lazy butt this Mother's Day weekend. But in honor of the holiday, I'd like to draw your attention to a lovely little blog entitled Do They Have Salsa in China? Mary-Mia (or M3, as she is otherwise known in the comments section) and her husband Ron, the self-described "laid-back tuba-player from Texas) are awaiting their "fly-date" to adopt a daughter from China.

M3 is good about keeping us updated, and she's been sharing the process step-by-step, which is interesting for me because I have mulled over the idea of adopting a baby from China -- every now and again (when I forget that babies turn into teenagers*). But even if you aren't considering this process, read the blog anyway. Mary-Mia and Rod are both funny people who are wading through red tape and adversity with a sense of humor and perspective. Hey, he's a tuba-playing Texan, she's an antsy California girl -- what more do you need to know, people? If you need more enticement, I offer you the first line of M3's latest post -- "Does anyone know how to write 'Where can I get a taco?' in Chinese?"

This ain't your momma's international adoption information blog, baby. Go. Read. Laugh. That's an order.

Happy Mother's Day -- to the current mothers, the past mothers and the mothers (like M3) who are "in waiting."

*This specific memory loss has a name -- it's called momnesia.

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