Monday, May 02, 2005

Ten Things that Went Right Today

  1. My alarm went off.
  2. It's a good hair day.
  3. I had the most amazing salad for lunch: baby greens, candied walnuts, grilled chicken, bleu cheese, tomatoes, peaches and a delightfully sassy balsamic vinaigrette.
  4. My sister called to tell me she's dating a doctor.
  5. I worked with one of my favorite editors on a short story I wrote last year -- and he liked it, he really like it.
  6. I realized I'm "crushing" on someone (I'll never tell, so don't even bother to ask.)
  7. Did I mention the salad? Oy… (It was so good, it deserves a second mention!)
  8. I discovered that my daughter's broken cellphone is insured.
  9. A package I mailed last Thursday arrived at its destination today.
  10. My apartment was clean when I left it this morning.

We take our victories when and where we can.

Did I mention that salad? I did. Good. Okay. Moving on….




  1. Salad? Who said anything about a salad? I think you may be a bit food obsessed (see Kate's blog post for yesterday!!!!). At least I didn't take photos of food. Who's the food addict here, anyway?


  2. what a nice site .. i really like what you have to say here.

    i grew up in the suburbs of los angeles (last: long beach), but i've lived in the san francisco bay area for so long that i don't feel that i can re-adjust to southern calif life again. i was just down there last week for a visit, and i was surprised at how much i have changed.

    anyhow, i'll be back to read more. great site!

  3. Your good day made me smile. Sometimes we have to break it down and realize that our days are better than they appear at first glance and appreciate them!

    And for some reason..i'm hungry now?

    Thank you for the smile, Catharine! I'll be back!

  4. It's the little things in life that keep us most amused!

  5. I must have that salad. I must. I'll give up my apartment for that salad. Oh wait. I don't have an apartment. Never mind.


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