Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Things One Overhears

Overheard in my cubicle today:

"Did I ever show you a picture of my cousin John. He was my favorite cousin. Also my first boyfriend." (Oooo... five yard penalty... oversharing....)

"I'm bringing in the Lusty Hermaphrodite." (This came from the Clearance Dept. -- Lord knows what they were talking about. Hopefully, they were clearing a pub name for use in a movie, but you never know. Best not to ask, I find.)

"There comes a time in every woman's life when she just has to reboot and start over." (Amen, sister.)

My sister called today and said she's not dating the doctor after all. Apparently, though the first date was promising, successive meetings have proven... well... not so much so.... BUT... she has decided to return to school and pursue a nursing career. She wants to be a pediatric nurse. I think she'd be good at that. We Sowards women are always better with little tiny babies if we can hand them back to their mothers in the end. Why do you think we tend to have only one? Just enough to keep the mitochondrial DNA kicking, then... that's it... we're done.

I have to start on my final papers for my two Lit classes this weekend, since my Memorial Day weekend will be spent in Ohio, celebrating Kim's birthday. The big FIVE... OH... Yeah, you heard me... she's gonna be 50. And you know what... she be lookin' GOOOOD!

I say, if you look like that at 50, flaunt it, sistuh.

So, now I am supposed to do one paper outlining the themes (as it relates to "Women and Madness") in the movie Frances, with Jessica Lange. And I have to figure out what my specific topic is for my Michael Ondaatje paper in the other class. I can't even clarify the question, let alone answer it.... it comes out something like.... "uhhhh... how Ondaatje takes real-life characters like Billy the Kid and Buddy 'King' Bolden... and... uh... builds... them into... like... uhhh... mythical... uhhh...."

Oh, just fucking shoot me now and put me out of my misery, for God's sake!!!

So, that's where it stands. The good news is that I get to start reading Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye again. God I love Toni Morrison. If I could pick any writer to be when writing creative non-fiction, it would be Anne Lamott. But if I were to pick any novelist, it would be Toni Morrison. She is the queen bee.

Anyway, I have to finish eating lunch and get back to work.


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