Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Last Day of the Spring Quarter

I never thought I'd make it through this quarter. I really thought it would kill me. Between the 300 - 400 pages of reading per week, the surprise extra 4-page paper that one professor took great glee in assigning -- because she didn't think we were paying attention, I suppose -- and the problems I was having with my vision (I needed prescription glasses, and didn't get them until last week), I really wasn't sure I'd make it all the way through.

But here I am. On the other side. Almost. I've turned in one paper. I'm tweaking the other (in show biz lingo, we call it a "polish"). I'll have that one in by the end of the week. Then... done.
I get three weeks off before the summer quarter begins.

Notice that my needed units to graduation has been reduced by six. Wishful thinking, considering my profs haven't actually read the papers yet. Still... Slowly, but surely. I'm getting there.


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