Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mark Felt?

Deep Throat? I don't know... it's... it's kind of a let-down....

People were speculating it was John Dean. Hell, people were speculating it was Jimmy Dean. A few of those "in the know" actually suspected Mr. Felt. But I was kind of hoping for something more daring, more shocking, like... Deep Throat was someone on the Committee. Or, better yet, Pat Nixon, who out of a quiet desperation, sought to drive her husband once and for all out of public life and into a life of solitude and seclusion -- a life for which she was much better suited.

The identity of Deep Throat was something that my generation has tossed about since we first watched the hearings on television when we were kids (and they were preempting the Brady Bunch). It ranks up there with whether or not there's a Loch Ness monster as one of life's great mysteries you'd rather not have answered.

Oh, well.... Mr. Felt did a good thing all those years ago, steering Woodward and Bernstein down the path toward the truth. Without him, all of those shenanigans would have stayed undercover. So bless his little 91-year-old heart for coming forward. Even if it's not the glamorous revelation I was hoping for.

But if the Loch Ness monster turns out to be a large crawdaddy, I'm going to be really cheesed off.


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