Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thursday is Sushi Day

At the commissary, I mean. Believe it or not, "bad commissary food" jokes notwithstanding, the Fox commissary cafeteria is pretty derned great -- though I wouldn't recommend the beef stroganoff. For some reason, that's always looked a bit suspect. On Thursdays, they bring in sushi chefs and... well.... sushi hilarity ensues.... I live for Thursdays. Although I did have sushi yesterday, as you will recall. But that was Whole Foods sushi, which is okay in a sushi pinch, but in the grand scheme of sushi at large is really... well... kinda flat....

Mmmmm.... sushi.... I had my usual today -- a combo tray of spicy salmon, spicy mercury tuna and spicy shrimp, all with avocado. Plus the wasabi. Because "spicy" just isn't spicy enough for me, apparently.

So, now I'm stuffed and want to nap. It's the white rice. It'll pass in about an hour. But for the next hour, I'm flying high on my sushi magic carpet ride. If sushi had been popular in the 60s, LSD would never have taken off like it did. I just know it.

Hey, man... I think my hand just turned to strawberry jello! Oh, wow....


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