Monday, June 13, 2005

"You're Another Year Old Today!"

My sister, Jackie, turned 35 on Saturday. We had a dinner for her at a fine dining establishment, and many fun and exciting women were there. Josie tried to hit on the waiter, who as luck would have it also happened to have been in her graduating class a few days before (he was cute, too!). Nettie baked a chocolate cake which was to die for. Kathy (Kate) took pictures, and tried hard not to look like Jackie's sister. Unfortunately, as she confesses on her own blog, Twist of Kate, this was a futile effort, for, as you can plainly see, Kate looks more like Jackie's sister than I do. (Sad, but true.)

Jackie and Kate

Kate and Catharine

The backstory on this is that Jackie and Kate went to high school together and became best friends. Jackie brought Kathy (as we all know and love her) into the family back then. I met her when her daughter Danielle (who just turned 15 three days ago) was about ten months old. So, I guess how it works is, you meet people, you hang around with them, you don't die, they don't die, and before you know it, you've been friends for 15 years or so. Kathy, Jackie and I have more than just past history between us. We have another kind of bond, as well. Last March, we undertook the daunting task of cleaning my father's house because he was having company. I'd go into detail, but Kathy has already done that on ToK (It's the March 14, 2005 entry entitled "The House that Jack Built" -- and yes, before the sun set that day, Dad had a new dish drainer!) It's often said that when people go through a harrowing ordeal together, they develop an unbreakable bond. So true, so true. It's the post traumatic stress disorder that binds us.
Since celebrating her birthday, Jackie has since taken off for a week's sojourn to Vegas, where she will drink many intoxicating beverages and encounter many, many cute boys (some of whom she will presumably kiss). Jackie, make sure he's wealthy and can support your sisters in the manner to which we long to grow accustomed.
Oh, and I totally stole these pictures from Kate's site without even asking permission. Hey, we're sisters, right? Who needs to ask? (Besides, I have enough dirt on her to keep her in line for the next decade or so.... bwahahaha....)

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