Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hello, I Must Be Going

Very busy. No time to blog. But I'd like to point your attention to a fascinating four-part series Salon.com is doing about "reparative therapy," the supposed therapeutic "cure" for homosexuality that's becoming so popular since we became a country of hate.

The first article, which was posted yesterday, was about the movement to classify homosexuality as a disease that requires cure. But the second article, today, is a stunner. Salon correspondent Mark Benjamin, a heterosexual married man with one child and another on the way, poses as a married man who confesses to homosexual tendencies, and gets a single session with a "reparative therapist." What he reveals about these sessions -- including their cost -- is enlightening, alarming and more than a little terrifying.

Please, please read this series, I implore you. We must stay abreast of every effort to turn America into an exclusive, closed society, where only white Christian straight men (or should I say, "straight appearing men") have full rights and freedoms in this country.


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