Thursday, August 25, 2005

Last Quarter Countdown

I registered today for my last quarter as an undergrad. And, here we go:

(SCI 335) Environmental Landscapes (3 units) -- this is being offered as both a LIT class (of which I have plenty) and a SCI class (of which I need two units), so I'm taking it as a science. We'll be studying about conservation and restoration of what the professor calls "urban wilderness" areas, as well as becoming more aware of our environment as an environment (as opposed, presumably, to simply the space we occupy) -- a biosphere with interdependent systems and organisms, etc. We're going on a field trip to the Ballona Wetlands. It's a quarter-mile from the front door of the university.

LIT 374 Edge Conditions: Women in Greek Antiquity (3 units) -- The professor removed her syllabus (presumably to make some changes), so I can only tell you that she's using the Greek classics (Antigone, Odysseus, The Theban Plays, Symposium Phaedras) as an exploration of what life and society was like for women of the age (men off at war, women at home tending the fires, etc.).

LIT 390B Special Topics in Children's Literature: Retelling the Myth of Romantic Love (1 unit) --I'm taking this one-day seminar because I was supposed to take in my very first quarter, and got sick the day it took place. I like the professor and I like the idea -- how fairytales and fables shape our ideas of romantic love. I also love the title of the primary textbook (Don't Bet on the Prince).

So, there you have it. My final quarter. Of course, I'll have to finish this one first. And I do have all those papers to write, don't I? Ew... I'd better get started.


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