Sunday, August 28, 2005

"Where Math and Art Collide"

In my efforts to finish my school projects, I've been drawn back to digital art in a big way. Rather than clog this blog (which is already clogged enough with my endless opinion and mockery, thank you), I've started an artblog, which I will occasionally be updating as time permits. I'll post updates here, so you don't have to worry about checking in randomly to see if there's anything new.

It's called "Where Math and Art Collide," which was the title of a piece of flame fractal art (see above) I did a couple of years ago. Pop in and see what's what. It's not like I'll be exhibiting at LACMA any time soon, but it's a nice release for someone like me, who has pictures (to go with the voices) in her head, but very little drawing skill with which to express them.



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  1. No posts in a while, but on the off chance that you'll get this: this is fantastic! I'd be interested in learning more about how you created this piece. I would also be interested in using this for a project I'm working on. Email me at avery(dot)pickford(at)gmail and/or check out my math blog at


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