Sunday, September 25, 2005

"No, Thank You."

Poet Sharon Olds declined the First Lady's invitiation to speak at the National Book Festival and the accompanying banquet. Her letter sending her regrets was published in The Nation today. I urge you to read this amazing, elequently direct letter that speaks the feelings we've had for so long.

Today is also the day that 100,000 people have gathered in Washington, D.C. in the largest single anti-war rally since the start of the Iraq war. The 100,000 were met by a few hundred Bush supporters.

It occurs to me that pressing for the war, for this president, for these values, may very well be becoming less and less appealing, less and less something people want to do in public. I seem to recall that a time came -- I think it was in 1970, '71, maybe -- when a similar thing happened in the war in Viet Nam. Maybe it was just a pop culture thing -- it wasn't fashionable to support an illegal war as it had been in the late 60's. Maybe it was just that people who had bought into the initial lies ran out of rationalizations and arguments defending it. Maybe it just becomes eventually impossible to publicly stand up and say that lying is okay, the waste of young lives to support that lie is good and brave, the ends justifies the means.

Maybe that's what's happening now. We can only hope.


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