Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Who is Samuel Alito, and Why Should We Be Afraid of Him?

Samuel Alito's confirmation hearings are congealing at this very writing. Thanks to Think Progress, we get a little information about just how this man might rule on various issues.

Alito isn't just a conservative. He's antediluvian. This guy makes Antonin Scalia look like Bono. Write your congressional and senate representatives today -- now -- and let them know you want them to fight this confirmation with any weapon in their arsenal, including the filibuster (we knew that thing would come in handy at some point, didn't we).

George Bush is doing everything he can -- from this outrageous appointment to bird flu -- to take the focus away from Rove, Cheney and Libby. As hard as it is for those of us with ADD to maintain the attention to specific issues, we must attempt to do just that.

The slow implosion that we hoped for is here. Let's not let another thing slide. 2,000 young people are dead because we lost focus in 2003. We can't afford to make another mistake like that.


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