Saturday, December 31, 2005

10 Signs Things Will Be Better in 2006

At Christmas Eve dinner, I was talking with some friends about how glad I was to see the back of 2005, and how I was sure that '06 would be better. One of the young men involved in the conversation (who, at 19, was really too young to be so cynical) said, "Well, I don't see any evidence of that, but I hope you're right." I thought about that. What was my evidence? Where was my proof, beyond my typically Pollyana-ish optimism? So I've been thinking about it. And this is what I've come up with.

A few reasons why I know 2006 is bound to be better than 2005:

  1. Barring nuclear conflagration, the actual overturning of Roe v. Wade or a new television series for Jessica Simpson (all possibilities in ‘06, I'll grant you), there's virtually no way that anything could be worse than 2005;

  2. Just when we thought there was no comeuppance for people like Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, we find that – hey – there just might be some after all;

  3. Our very own WaiterRant got a mention on CNN. I feel very proprietary about Waiter… why, I’m not sure, except that he does a job I could never do, and (so far as we know) he hasn’t killed anyone while doing it. You GO, Waiter;

  4. I finally finished my bachelor's degree and have moved on to my MFA;

  5. Starbuck's grande toffee nut latte with four Splenda and whip (which may not make anything better, but certainly makes everything seem better, and may well have been the only thing that got me through 2005 with my sanity intact). I’m drinking one now (shut UP!);

  6. Though everyone around me has been deathly ill, I have so far managed to avoid getting sick;

  7. I think I have finally managed to put aside all the anger I had toward my mother and accept her for the flawed human being that she was (fourteen years after her death, but still….);

  8. Though I'm going through a crisis of faith, it’s a crisis of what I believe, not that I believe. I do believe. I just don't know how to express it;

  9. I actually saw an episode during the Twilight Zone marathon that I’ve never seen before. I just know this is a good and hopeful sign; and

  10. I have come to terms with the fact that, as happy as I was living in the "no dating" cave, I was not meant to be alone forever, and that's just fine.
These are just a few of the exhibits in my case that 2006 will be better than 2005. It won't be as good as future years (say, oh… off the top of my head… 2008), but it will be better. And better is always a good reason to get out of bed.

All the best to you all in 2006, and thanks for making the Chron such a trip!


Happy New Year!

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