Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Day Three of Faithful Gym Attendance

Down side: Ouch.

Upside: Got some reading done and came up with an image that may inspire a series of short stories and/or vignettes. I went home last night and played in Poser, Vue and Photoshop for the first time in a while. It was a lovely time. I miss the hours I spent creating images. Anyway, I won't discuss the fiction project, but you can see the image and use your imaginations. Time spent on that elliptical trainer is definitely not time wasted. Hopefully, I'll continue to be inspired during that time. And my jeans should start fitting better soon, too, which is always nice.

Golly, I'm looking forward to 2006. 2005 has been kind of rough on everybody (in reality, I think it started for me on November 2, 2004). Here's hoping that this New Year will be everything 2005 wasn't, and so much more....

Hope you all had a terrific Christmas. Or at least were able to survive the Christmas you did have. Onward to better things.


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