Saturday, March 11, 2006

"You Can Trust Me. I'm a Doctor."

This from

"Home-state favorite Bill Frist won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll Saturday night, besting a slate of other potential 2008 GOP presidential candidates in this unscientific survey of Southern and Midwestern Republicans."

Tell me, please. Is there any other kind of survey that one could take of Southern and Midwestern Repulbicans these days? Especially with regard to Bill First? Isn't this the man that looked at a videotape shot by Terri Schaivo's family and then insisted that we should trust his diagnosis because he was a doctor and all and, hey, she wasn't in a persistent vegitative state at all, by golly, but merely in a deep coma. Waiting, no doubt, to be awakened by the kiss of the handsome prince immediately following the requisite dragon-slaying.

This is the candidate the Southern theocrats want to put forth in 2008. He's the best they can do. I shudder to think what a country run by this loonybelle would be like. Genuine scientific pursuit would certainly take a hit.

Leeches, anyone?


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