Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Oh, No, He Di'n't!"

Today's "must read" is the post over at Fortune's Michael Noer has written an article advising career men that, in order to secure domestic bliss, a man must not marry a career woman. Or, to quote Mr. Noer's sensitive, socially enlightened dictum: "Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don't marry a woman with a career." Well, if you know Melissa at, I think you can imagine how well she took this little bit of fresh idiocy. (I think my favorite part of the Fortune article is the little link in the middle that screams "In Pictures: Nine Reasons to Steer Clear of Career Women," which offers a little Powerpoint-style slide show, for that segment of career men who are little too thick and planklike to be able to slog through this deeply erudite and pedantic journalistic masterpiece. Oh, shut up!)

But why imagine the fabulous Opinionista's reaction at all, when reading it is ever so much more fun.

Enjoy. I know I did.


Updated 4:35pm: has removed the article from their online site, but Gawker went on ahead and used the slideshow photos to summarize it.

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