Thursday, October 12, 2006

La Leche League is Anti-Adoption

The Good News: As of Friday the 13th (bad luck, Trish!), Tricia Shore has been uninvited to speak at the LLL 50th anniversary dinner, after organizers apparently decided to actually bother reading stuff she'd written (always advisable when booking a speaker at any event, I would guess, but I'm no expert by any stretch).

The Bad News: Tricia Shore won't shut up about it. Trish.... get over it.... go home... breastfeed your "natural" children to your heart's content. Better yet, go to a public place and create a whole new breastfeeding ruckus. I so can't wait to see what your kids do to you when they hit adolescence. (Catharine throws her head back and laughs, diabolically, for she has seen Tricia's future -- and it is not a pretty thing. BWAHAHAHAAHAAAA!)

I always knew I hated these bitches with a passion usually reserved for things like liver, pedophilia and The Bachelor. But now I truly am beginning to understand why their stances on a myriad of issues strikes me as being utterly immoral.

They've hired "comic mom" (or so she calls herself) Tricia Shore to speak at their upcoming 50th Anniversary dinner. Shore believes that any attempt to create an "artificial" family (by either fertility treatments or adoption) is anti-God and in direct opposition to nature. She's a bible-thumping, breast-feeding little breeder, who believes that only God can bring together a family. Hell, Catholics don't even believe that. The world is stinking ripe with Catholic adoption agencies. If LLL didn't espouse such extreme anti-adoption/anti-fertility ideology, why would they book Shore to speak?

Okay, so... now we know... La Leche League is in league with Satan... it's official... I always suspected as much, but now I think we have proof positive.


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