Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hey, Guess What! I'M Time Magazine's Person of the Year!

I first heard about this while watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and I swear to God, I was sure it was typical TDS antics. I thought, "Oh, cool... they got Soledad O'Brien to go along with the gag." O'Brien's stock rose for an instant with me.

Then the horrible, dark reality dawned on me. As the sky opened up and the truth(iness) rained down, I realized that we are now perched precariously on the edge of time as we know it. TIME Magazine's Person of the Year is... me. And you. And, yes, even Soledad O'Brien.

I wanted to cry. After everything that's happened this year, after all the good (reclaiming Congress from rightwing goofballs) and the bad (Mark Foley and continuing war in Iraq), the best... the VERY MO-FO BEST that TIME could come up with was this self-referential, pandering piece of crap. They even put a little mirror on the cover of the magazine, presumably so we'd be so taken with our own reflections, we wouldn't look up and see that no one in the mainstream press is even remotely interested in current events.

I think this must signal the end of an era in modern American journalism. They should be ashamed of themselves, but I know they're not. So I'll just be sitting over here being ashamed for them.


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