Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If the Toe Shoe Fits

It's that time of year again...

Actually, I confess, it's a week past that time of year, because I have a 25-page critical paper due in a week, and I'm kind of a spazz at the moment.

My favorite L.A. dance company, Mehtropolis Dance Theatre (see my Naked Voodoo Chicken posts here and here) opened last week with their winter production, Cinderella, at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. And I missed it. I was hip-deep in the residue of political and social relevance of allegorical animal fables (long story -- I'll let you all read the critical paper when it's done).


The ballet is still playing for two more weekends, and after the Sunday matinees on the 21st and the 28th, there's a nifty little "Wedding Ball and Autograph Party," where the dancers will sign your programs and encourage your budding little ballerinas to point and plie to perfection. Just to recap -- we love Mehtropolis because, unlike most dance companies nowadays, their dancers actually eat two or three times a day. They are a little isle of normalcy in a dance world (and maybe the entertainment world at large) gone mad with starved stick figures. We also love that they do traditional ballets but aren't afraid to step outside tradition to add originality and -- dare I say it? -- fun. To catch a glimpse of them in action -- click on the video at the bottom of the post to see a less traditional piece -- Mad World -- which captures Mehtropolis' ability to embrace several styles of dance in one piece.

If you're in or around the L.A. area over the next couple of weekends, then you really should treat yourself. Tickets are a very reasonable (and if you have ever attended big city ballet, you know) $20 for adults, and $15 for kids (under 12), students (with ID) and DRC* members. Click here for information on the ballet, or, better yet, just click straight here to order you up some reasonably priced tickets to the Ball.

Hey, Cinderella up and went to the Ball... and look what happened to her.

Just sayin'.

Excerpt from Mad World

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*Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles, according to the mission statement on its website supports "community-based professional dance activity by providing its members access to information, resources, and services; and to promote the visibility of Greater Los Angeles dance on local, state, and national levels."

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