Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Well, Aren't You Special?"

We interrupt the extremely serious Congressional debate on escalating the Iraqi War, the who's who of who's not testifying in the Scooter Libby trial, and the ongoing fistfight between the American Catholic contingent and feminist bloggers to bring you this message of extreme, if not earth-shattering, importance.

At Sunday's Grammy Awards Ceremony, Comedian Lewis Black won a Grammy for best comedy album for his hilarious Carnegie Hall Performance.

Black's competition in the category consisted of no less than one of his idols, George Carlin (for Life is Worth Losing), as well as Ron White (for You Can't Fix Stupid), "Weird Al" Yankovic (for Straight Outta Lynwood), and the Blue Collar Comedy guys -- Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White (again!) and Larry the Cable Guy (for Blue Collar Comedy Tour — One For The Road).

I missed the awards ceremonies broadcast on Sunday, because I was out... uhhh... having a life, you might say. Those who know me know that I have no patience for such things -- its all I can do to choke down the Oscars once a year. And that's if you throw a party and feed me unspeakably tantalizing delicacies and potables.

But I am happy Lewis Black won. His nervous, nerdy thank you speech was really refreshing. Still crushing on him. Wanna date him. There ya go.

Also, the formerly besieged Dixie Chicks seem to have weathered their political storm. They went five for five, including Best Record and Best Album (Taking the Long Way) at the Grammys, and gave a kick-ass performance of their winning record, I'm Not Ready to Make Nice.

So, good news all the way around -- a nice little island in a sea of political, social and environmental drek....

Now, on to Valentine's Day.... Motherpussbucketall!!!


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