Monday, April 23, 2007

Dancing Fools

If you're Los Angeles-based, here's an interesting little something to do this weekend. Meh-tropolis Dance Theatre is performing at the Del Rey Theatre at Loyola University this weekend. Meh-tropolis' artistic director is Sarah Harkness, who choreographed me in a show about a year and a half ago. She actually made me look good. (Sing? Yes. Act? You betcha. Dance? Uhh... not so much.) So you can imagine what she and her other choreographers can do with REAL dancers. I've brought people (some of them near kicking and screaming) to Meh-tropolis performances, and they never failed to gush afterward. <- not hyperbole, I swear!

If you can catch the performances, April 26 through April 28, you won't be sorry. The Del Rey is a really nice theatre -- big enough to have a true "theatre" ambience, but with that close, intimate feeling that small university theatres have. Tickets are $10 dollars a pop. TEN DOLLARS, people. You can't even see a movie for ten dollars, and nothing good is playing anyway.

Come... rediscover live dance theatre. I promise you won't be sorry.


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