Monday, March 31, 2008

Maybe He Thought They Were Calling Him "Lou."

President Bush threw out the first pitch of the new Washington Nationals baseball season, in the brand spanking new Washington National Stadium. Baseball. A happy time. A time to forget our differences and come together as one, remembering a simpler, sweeter time in America.

On the other hand, maybe it's just a time to get to boo the crap out of the Leader of the Free World with impunity. When the spectators actually buy a ticket to the venue, the Secret Service doesn't get to shove the protestors behind chain link and out of camera and microphone range, so the President doesn't have to hear the sounds of people demanding bread. So, after a week of some of the bloodiest fighting Iraq has seen in a while, the President had to walk through the fire all by his lonesome, without the big, bad bodyguards to rescue him.

I love that the commentators restricted their comments to his pitching technique, and ignored the boos completely. It was their job, after all -- to comment on the baseball. It's enough that we get to see it, and that my fears that Bush will be "Reaganized" in the coming years slowly begins to fade as more and more, people are permitting themselves the unremitting pleasure of disapproving aloud.

You'd almost think we had free speech in this country or something.


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