Friday, April 25, 2008

A (Heavily Armed) Stroll Down Memory Lane with John McCain

Before we start believing anythingbutANYTHING that John McCain has to say about the progress of the war in Iraq, I think it behooves us to remember things he's said in the past. One, because they happened a little bit ago, and two, because he probably can't remember himself.

A year ago, if you recall, McCain wanted to tell America that things were so spiffy in much of Iraq that, well, golly, armor and weaponry was just darn near superfluous. As it turns out, even the military wouldn't back McCain on that wacky claim, so he backtracked and said, basically, "I never said what you have me on camera saying."

Ah, the old, "Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your lyin' eyes" defense. Same song we've heard for the past seven and a half years. I think I'll just put my money in savings and wait to see who wins this election. It might be necessary to go live in another country come December.


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