Friday, May 02, 2008

Please, Suh... May I Have $70 billion More?

Bush sent his appropriations budget into Congress today, asking for $70 billion to continue to fund the war in Iraq and Afghanistan through the spring of '09. This is how the Associated Press began their article on the topic:

"President Bush sent lawmakers a $70 billion request Friday to fund U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan into next spring, which would give the next president breathing room to make his or her own war policy."

Two things struck me about this. The first, of course, is "his or her own war policy." Weird, man. Seriously weird. And yet, at the same time... not. It's just about time, that's all.

And the second is how much it sounds like an offer we can't refuse. If we approve his $70 billion budget, will he go away and quit talking until January 19, 2009? Because if so, we should think about it. It could be worth it, just to get him to shut the hell up.

Hmm... Let us take a bit of time to consider this.


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