Monday, May 26, 2008

When Every Day is Memorial Day

I've been turning over and over in my head the myriad of thoughts I have about this day that is supposed to be set aside for remembering those who died serving their country, and those who serve today and (hopefully) will come home so that we can honor them on Veterans Day.

I have no special post for today in memory of the troops -- the ones that are waiting to come home and the ones who never will. The reason is because I do that every day. Every day, I bring up the Chron and, half-wincing, check to see that the death tally is holding steady at the previous day's numbers. When it is, I say a little "thanks." When it hasn't, I say a little "ohjesusgod."

But more than any war I've ever lived through, the awareness of the troops and their trevails are more in the forefront than ever before. Maybe it's because we have treated them so shabbily. Perhaps it's because more people are becoming more vocal about their opposition to the war. It might even be because, these days, with 24-hour news coverage and internet death tallies, we know exactly where the numbers stand.

So, while it's nice that today has been set aside to remember our war dead, how about if we just enjoy the BBQ today, and spend every day remembering the troops.


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