Tuesday, June 03, 2008


In case you were so caught up in national interests that y'all forgot, there's an election TODAY in L.A. County. Judges, our state assemblyman and two EXCEEDINGLY important state measures are up. The state measures were rammed through by lovers of eminent domain and corporate tyranny, in hopes that you guys would be so busy packing for your summer vacations, you'd completely miss it.

The answer is NO on Measure 98, which is a way to screw over renters (seems kind of like a measure that favors renters, until you get to the part where it abolishes rent control!), and YES on measure 99, which would prevent local politicians from exercising eminent domain laws in order to assist their real estate developer cronies in stealing your property to build strip malls and other private property investments.

If you don't vote for a single judge or the state assemblyman (Bob Blumenfield, in case you were available to be swayed), get out and vote on the state measures. I'm so tired of special interests using our own laziness and apathy against us, particularly when it comes to the roof over our collective heads.

In case you don't know where your polling place in LA is, here's a handy Polling Place locator, that will show you exactly where you vote (based on your house number and street), and will provide you with a .pdf version of your sample ballot.

VOTE, LOS ANGELES. Think of it as "stylus practice" for November.


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