Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Letter to John McCain

Dear Senator McCain:

At a time when the average Joe who isn't living in the lap of luxury off his wife's multi-million dollar inheritance is paying nearly $5 a gallon for gas, while oil companies have posted record high earnings, do you really think it's a wise idea to be seen protecting those gigantic oil company profit margins with such fervor and passion? Don't you think that might be political suicide, come November, when gas prices will no doubt have jumped the $5 per gallon shark?

Oh, wait. On second thought, never mind. You go on ahead and protect your buddies in the oil biz just as hard as you need to to keep those campaign contributions coming in. And, please, by all means, do it as publicly as you can. In fact, why don't you talk your other GOP pals into doing the same thing.

Golly, I'm looking forward to November. I'm making out my birthday gift list right now. Anybody want to guess what I'm wishing for?

Besides the pony, I mean?


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