Friday, August 22, 2008

Modern-Day Mowgli

In Argentina tonight, there is a newborn baby girl who sleeps soundly in a crib, thanks to this sweet puppy-face to the right.

The 8-plus pound full-term baby was abandoned within an hour of her birth in a vacant field by a 14-year-old girl. The mixed-breed dog, a new mother of six puppies herself, found the crying newborn, dragged her to where the litter of pups were nestled and plunked the baby smack in the middle of the litter, just in time to protect her from a cold winter night (it's winter in Argentina, in case you've forgotten your middle school geography) where temperatures dipped into the high thirties.

Doctors who examined the baby say she suffered some scratches and bruises and was bleeding slightly from her mouth, but was in otherwise good shape. Had she been exposed to the cold night air, doctors are certain the outcome would have been much more grim for the little girl.

The fourteen-year-old mother was later taken to a hospital by a neighbor and has been hospitalized for mental health observation. She has not spoken of the incident.

The La Plata resident who owns the dog, named China, called her a hero.


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