Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Any Other Day

In light of a few e-mails I've received in the last twenty four hours, I'd like to clarify my position on honoring "9/11."

I won't be.

September 11th is as potent a holiday to me as December 7th. Did something historic happen on those dates in the past? Yes. Must we reimmerse ourselves in the sorrow and grief of both days every single year, simply because the calendar happens to land upon that particular day? I think not.

So, please, no more "Meet Me In The Stairwell" or "Angels in the Towers" or whatever decidedly inspirational 9/11 spam mails you have in the wings, waiting to send between now and tomorrow. To me, the inspiration of September 11th is that time marches on. Children grow, leaves fall and die and rebud every spring, the birds sing, the calendar flips to a new page. With all due respect to the survivors and the families and loved ones of the victims, you'll all have to beat that dead horse without me.

The calendar has flipped to a new page. And we're still here. That's what I plan to honor tomorrow.


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