Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Bush Doctrine

Update 9/13/08 2:00 am: In reviewing the Palin interview, James Carville and Torie Clarke were asked about the Bush Doctrine question. Torie Clarke's excuse for Palin's ignorance on the topic was pretty pallid and frightening: "If you asked 500 people in the White House the State Department and the Pentagon what the Bush Doctrine is, I'd bet half of them couldn't tell you what the Bush Doctrine is." Yeah, Tor... I've no freakin' doubt. But the fact is, that's why this Administration, State Department and military leadership is so very, very ill-thought of by Americans. Carville was quick to point out that, perhaps, since the Bush Doctrine has been the very crux of our foreign policy for, lo, these past six years, knowing what it is might be kind of essential for someone aspiring to the line of succession.

I have to take the opportunity to absorb the entire interview, since most of it came from the other side of the freakin' Looking Glass.

But here's a perfect example of why Sarah Palin is not only unfit to be Vice President of the United States of America, she flunks any credible exam as a high school history teacher.

The Bush Doctrine.

When asked by Charlie Gibson (who, for all my whining about him not being tough enough, did a bang up job for the most part*) about whether Palin supported The Bush Doctrine, the governor replied (in a somewhat sarcastic tone, as if being asked were an affront), "In what respect, Charlie?" When he answered her question by asking what she thought it was, she replied (this time, interrogatorily), "His world view?" What does she think this is, a civics quiz? Get a freakin' clue, lady!!! Do you think if McCain or Obama or Clinton or Biden were asked what the Bush Doctrine was, they'd guess at a haphazard answer like that? Please, someone send this woman back to Alaska so she won't miss a day's worth of moose-hunting. She's so out of her element here, it's appauling.

The Bush Doctrine, for those of you, who like Sarah Palin were walking across the Alaskan wilderness tundra in snow shoes during the first half of this decade, is the policy that the Bush White House concocted after September 11th, 2001, to justify going to war. Though it began as bits and pieces of Bush's speeches after the attacks regarding what we would do and how far we would go to get revenge, it wasn't put into print until over a year later, in September 2002, when the White HOuse published its National Security Strategy, codifying threats that Bush had made regarding hunting down the terrorists. One of the major points of that strategy was to state categorically that the US had the right to preemptively strike against an enemy it suspected might strike against us sometime in the future. It was the basis for Bush's argument to go to war in '03, and it continues to be the basis for staying in Iraq until the first snowfall in hell.

The fact that Sarah Palin looked at Charlie Gibson like he was making it up when she was asked, and then gave some puny, rhetorical little answer in response (delivered with tremedous arrogance and passion, though, which is always impressive, particularly when you're pretty sure the speaker hasn't a clue what their speaking about) is just further evidence that this woman is the biggest paper tiger since George Plimpton.

Psst. Sarah. The mooses called. They miss you. Go home.


*In case I didn't make myself clear, that was an official apology to Charlie Gibson for all the bad things I thought about him.

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