Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fundementals?

Is anyone else as tired as I am of hearing Republicans talking about how the American workers are the hardest working, the most innovative and dedicated, the most important resource that our economy has to offer?

If that's true, then why have Fortune 500 companies been allowed -- unchecked and no-holds-barred -- to ship American jobs to Pakistan, India and China by the score in the last fifteen years? If that's true then why do Republicans not only oppose an increase of the minimum wage, but oppose having a minimum wage altogether? And why are Republicans so adamant that homeowners not be included in the current plans for mass bail-out of flailing financial institutions?

I don't mind that Republicans feel the way they do about average American workers. It's one way to look at the entire picture. Not my way, so I vote Democratic. But what I really hate is the tendency of Republicans to pimpin' out the unwashed masses when they think it might do them some good.

If Republicans had cared about the American worker, they wouldn't have been so vehemently crushing our unions, lowering our wages, shipping off our jobs and generally killing our little souls, especially for the last eight years.


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