Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Gift In Her Name

Nothing has felt quite as good as donating to Planned Parenthood (something I do regularly anyway) in the name of Sarah Palin. When you make what is known as an Honorary Donation to PP, they send a card to the honoree, letting them know that the donation has been made on their behalf.

I surely hope Palin's appointment and support of Police Chief Charles Fannon -- the sadistic idiot-boy who decided to save the citizens of Wasilla, Alaska, around $14,000 a year by billing rape victims and their insurance companies for the rape evidence collection kits, simply because they included emergency contraception -- at the very least results in an upsurge of revenue for PP to continue it's fight to keep contraception and safe, legal abortion available to women everywhere.

Please don't let the Sarah Palins of the world win. Our wombs are not up for grabs -- not by the United States, nor anyone else. Send a donation, no matter how small (there's an "Other" box for donations smaller than $25), in the name of Sarah Palin, using the address below for the Honoree section. It isn't the amount of the donation that counts -- it's the message you'll be sending Palin and McCain about what women (half the voting population) think of the archaic practice of reproductive slavery.

Name: Sarah Palin
Address: c/o McCain for President
1235 S. Clark Street, 1st Fl.
Arlington, VA 22202
United States


P.S. I'm not sure which fact in the above-linked USA Today article is more disturbing -- the fact that Fannon and Wasilla were billing rape victims for evidence collection, or the fact that, during Palin's tenure as mayor, Wasilla (pop. 6,500) had the highest per-capita rape rate in the country.

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