Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain: Damn You, Media, And Your Pesky Microphones

Update: John McCain and Sarah Palin told Katie Couric that what Governor Palin said didn't count because she was talking to a voter in front of a pizza shop, "hollerin' out a question across a parking area," (to use Palin's words). Has she seen a Presidential press conference? That happens. The President stands there, and the reporters commence to "hollerin' out questions."

John McCain retracted Sarah Palin's remarks which (presumably inadvertently) agreed with Barack Obama's position on launching attacks on Al Qaeda targets which might be inside Pakistani territory. Palin made the remarks Saturday night on a campaign stop at a pizza-and-sandwich shop in South Philadelphia.

McCain has been riding Obama hard about his hypothetical breaching of Pakistani borders (which Obama has only described as a scenario for the capture of Osama bin Laden). During the debate on Friday, he told Obama, ""You don't say that out loud. If you have to do things, you have to do things, and you work with the Pakistani government."

Apparently, Governor Palin never got the memo.

Today, McCain, making an appearance on This Week, told George Stephanopolous, "She would not…she understands and has stated repeatedly that we're not going to do anything except in America's national security interest... In all due respect, people going around and… sticking a microphone while conversations are being held, and then all of a sudden that's—that's a person's position… This is a free country, but I don't think most Americans think that that's a definitve policy statement made by Governor Palin."

(Insert huge, protracted sigh of frustration here.)

Fancy that. Sarah Palin actually shows her face in a public place, surrounded by photographers and reporters assigned to cover her so she can get lots of photo-ops with the same middle class voters McCain ignored for 97 minutes during the debates, says something that embarrasses him, and it's the journalists' fault? And he says it with such conviction, too. "... sticking a microphone while conversations are being held..." This wasn't a high-level, top-secret summit meeting. She was buying a cheesesteak, for cripes' sake.

I guess I should just be relieved that John McCain is still willing to indulge us in the charade that he thinks this is a "free country." This is the Republican choice for president.... yet another Man Who Would Be King.

Will November never get here?


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