Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Explains So Much

Wonder why you haven't seen Sarah Palin on any of the weekend political shows, or appearing anywhere on her own, without John McCain staunchly by her side, that frozen, frightening Cryptkeeper smile plastered on his face? Here's why:

This clip brings up a couple of questions that need answering.

One, if John McCain understands all those things about how to better the lives of American people, then why didn't he foster or support legislation to do it in the 29 years he was in the Senate. If John McCain understands the problems and needs of the American people and their work-a-day problems, why does he surround himself with lobbyists and people like Phil Gramm, who disregard those desperate conditions, or mock those needs as "whining."

The other thing this clip explains is why they need to make sure that Palin never goes off book, and precisely why being governor of Alaska isn't very good preparation for running an entire country. Despite what Palin says in this clip, mortgage lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were not taxpayer funded until last week, when the federal government took them over to keep them from collapsing. And what the lovely and vacuous Governor Palin doesn't mention is that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae might have fared better if the penchant by Republicans in Congress and the White House for the last eight years hadn't been to completely deregulate the banking industry. Where on Earth Republicans got the idea that major corporations and financial institutions were able to care for themselves without supervision is utterly beyond me. Honestly, it's like giving the minivan car keys to the three-year-old and pointing him toward the garage.

So, how did they let Palin make such a gaff, which was picked up by most wire services within minutes after she said it? Clearly, they're herding and grooming her carefully. Next month's debate with Biden will most certainly be, if nothing else, interesting. But I can't help feel that Palin is woefully outmatched. If not for her ability to get nasty right quick, I'd say it was almost a wash. But I have every faith that, when cornered, Sarah Palin is a dangerous and vicious opponent. And I also have faith in America's ability to be swayed by a good sound bite and a face the camera loves, so who knows?

Still, corner her Biden must. If Sarah Palin insists that the only difference between herself and a pit bull is lipstick, then Biden has to wipe off her L'Oreal and reveal that pit bull for the slathering, unpleasant beast she claims to be. I'll wager the real Sarah Palin is no where near as pretty as the mannequin who stands in for her at the podium.


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