Saturday, September 13, 2008

This Really Just Speaks For Itself...

... so I'll let it do just that.

Meanwhile, John McCain became the View women's bitch last Friday. Check out McCain's slant on the position of the Supreme Court regarding interpreting the Constitution the literal way our founding fathers intended. Whoopi Goldberg's statement, "I hope you don't mean I should go back to being a slave," wasn't hyperbolic. The most influential of the founding fathers (including its primary author, Thomas Jefferson) owned slaves, and his original intent was not to abolish slavery in the Constitution. He made that statement immediately after insisting that by using the words "lipstick" and "pig" in the same sentence, he was dissing McCain's running mate. "He chooses his words carefully and intentionally. He meant what he said. He shouldn't have said it." That being said, does that mean that John McCain wants to return America to a pre-Supreme Court interpretation of the Constitution regarding slavery? Or doesn't he choose his words carefully?

The women of The View did well, for the most part. Hasselbeck made noises like she was asking tough questions of McCain, and popped out with a characteristically tepid, "Er.. uh... what are your views on abortion?" Sherrie was out of her depth, knew it and kept her yap shut. Most of the talking was done by Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters. You know when Barbara Walters calls you out as a big fibber outright and in public, you've totally screwed up. She's nice to everybody to their face.


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