Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Slug Fest?" Not.

After predictions that McCain would continue to Obama's the harsh attacks he and his running mate were conducting outside Obama's presence, nothing even half so engaging took place between the candidates. Apparently, face to face confrontation is not how McCain rolls. I guess when you get older, and you're not in good health, and you're short, confronting a six-foot-three inch guy that's not quite two-thirds your age lacks a certain appeal.

All in all, it was fairly civilized. There were some tense moments, and a few telling moments ("...that one").

Polls are indicating it was all in Obama's favor -- if for no other reason than John McCain didn't blow everyone away, which is what he needed to do to change the descending course of his campaign.

McCain's new strategy this morning has taken an interesting turn, though. He's basically decided to start telling people that what they're seeing, they're not rally seeing. McCain's new campaign ad says that Obama simply isn't presidential. Last night's post-debate commentary was only unanimous on one thing, by both Republican pundits and Democratic ones. The only person on that stage who looked even remotely presidential was Barack Obama.


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