Monday, October 06, 2008

Dear Senator McCain,

Lesson #1 about playing the "Guilt by Association" Game....

It plays both ways.

Here are the highlights:

Five senators were questioned by the Senate over Charles Keating's plundering and subsequent destruction of Lincoln Savings and Loan, which kicked off the last huge lending institution meltdown in America. Of the five, the Senate committee determined that John McCain had the "closest personal relationship" with Keating and "benefitted the most from their association." (The Senate Committee's words, not mine.)

In the end, the Committee determined the following actions against the Senators: One was reprimanded, two were criticized for impropriety. Two -- including McCain -- were cleared of impropriety, but strongly criticized for "poor judgement." Because shouldn't a guy know just exactly who's hanging out at his house, whose vacation home he's relaxing in, whose campaign contributions totalling thousands of dollars over several years? Shouldn't a guy who knows another guy that well know better what that guy is up to.

And, if a guy doesn't know, or knows but doesn't care, what does that say about a guy's judgement?


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