Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Ideological Landscape of "Pro-America" America

This video for Al-Jazeera English shows two things. One, a whole lot of white people really are kind of bitter and clinging to their guns and religion, and, two, not one of them mentioned John McCain, but seem to think they're voting for Sarah Palin for President. Hmmm....

Nate Silver at posted an interesting piece about the demographics at Palin rallies versus those at Obama rallies, particularly in light of her comment about being glad to spend time in parts of the nation that were, and I quote, "pro-America." Silver ascertains that "pro-America" to Palin apparently means 88% non-Hispanic white.

Now, granted, Al-Jazeera English might not be the most editorially neutral source in the world, but the good folks of "pro-America" America did speak on camera about their racial prejudices, and did so proudly without hesitation.

All is not lost. This Al-Jazeera interview with two upper-middle class black families in Atlanta acknowledge that racism is still alive and well and living in America, but don't seem to think it will affect the outcome of the election in and of itself.


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