Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Really Trying To Give Republicans The Benefit of the Doubt Regarding Their Native Intelligence

Uber-conservative blogger Michelle Malkin posted this past week that she has been getting highly agitated e-mails from her readership over the frenzy being whipped up by some conservative radio talk show hosts about the "Obama" flag -- a flag appearing onstage behind the Democratic presidential candidate during his recent stump blitz of Ohio. According to the talk show geeks, Obama has taken the American flag and gerrymandered it so that, when he rechristens the country the United Federation of Obama, he'll have an appropriate flag to fly. Click here for a picture of the offending banner. I couldn't believe the story wasn't a hoax, so I went on web safari for someone who actually thought that the flag was some kind of special Obama flag he'd had made up.

Sho' nuff. This off (ironically whilst discussing a hoax post on Michelle Obama), poster Clendon actually wrote that he was concerned that Obama was prepping for total world domination with his flag. Here is my open letter to the presumably (I have faith) intelligent Republicans within the sound of my cybervoice.

Dear Intelligent Republicans (wherever you may be):

This is the kind of stuff that makes us think you're all stupid. It's because the smart ones refuse to rise up against the truly stupid and conquer and subdue them like the wingnuts they are. Please do so at once, and, before you institutionalize them for good and all, perhaps you could inform them that that flag is the STATE FLAG OF OHIO!!!

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.



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