Friday, October 10, 2008

This Just In: Tucker Bounds is the Dumbest Person on the Planet!

I mean, it just gets to the point where you can't even comment on this stuff. The McCain campaign is so very desperate, so pathetic and at their wits' ends, that they end up spouting the most ridiculous tripe. You just have to put it in the blog post as is, and hope that someone will write in and explain it to you, in English. With proper punctuation. Cuz....


In response to Barack Obama's stump speeches today, accusing John McCain of trying to "turn the page" on the economic crisis with personal attacks against the Democratic candidate, McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds had this to say in a formal press release sent to TIME magazine:
“Instead of acknowledging the real differences that exist in this election, Barack Obama is using America’s economic crisis to deflect legitimate criticisms of himself and his record. Now, more than ever, Americans should be scrutinizing Barack Obama’s role in shielding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from increased regulation. Voters deserve a real debate about Barack Obama’s proposals for one trillion dollars in new government spending and tax increases on small businesses – when Americans can afford neither. At a time when hardworking families face uncertainty and a historic decision in November, they expect more than Barack Obama’s self-interested calls to stifle any inquiry into his record or his past.” —Tucker Bounds, spokesman McCain-Palin 2008
So, Barack Obama is using the most serious economic implosion in 75 years to distract the voters from what's really important... William Ayers. What's worse, the clever tactic that the crafty, cagey Senator Obama is using to distract the voters during these difficult economic times when hardworking Americans can think only of issues involving fiscal security and employment is... to discuss the economy.

And now I have a headache in my eye.


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