Monday, November 03, 2008

First (and Last, on this Site) Election Results of the 2008 Presidential Election

The Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, is traditionally the first precinct to vote in all elections. The resort itself was named a precinct in 1960, when prominent Dixville Notch resident Neil Tillotson decided that an hour was too far to drive to vote, and so petitioned the state elections board to have the nearby resort made into a valid polling place. His request was granted and the tradition of the "Midnight Vote" was begun, with Tillotson being the traditional first voter every year thereafter, until his death in 2001. In that first election, Nixon beat Kennedy by unanimous vote, 9 to zip. Kennedy, of course, went on to win in a landslide election.

Well, Dixville Notch voted a little bit ago, and it took them approximately forty-five minutes to vote and then count the votes and then announce the votes. There are only 21 registered voters in the precinct.

The presidential results? In alphabetical order (the way the candidates appeared on the ballot) as follows:

John McCain 6
Ralph Nader 0 (bite it, Nader!!!)
Barack Obama 15

So, there you have it. It should be noted that, while Dixville Notch tends to break Republican, they are known for being something of a mavericky bunch their own selves.


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