Friday, November 28, 2008


The newly proposed version of the Status of Forces Agreement (S.O.F.A.) goes to the Iraqi Parliament for a vote next week, and if it goes through, it totally ends the Iraqi War.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I've lost my mind. And you might be right, but then I'd say, "quit trying to change the subject."

The fact is that the S.O.F.A., as currently drafted, completely changes the complexion of the war Bush has been waging since 2003. It wasn't clear at first, because the State Department refused to have the document translated and distributed in English, lest people read it and be all up in arms about it.

If it's carried by the Iraqi Parliament, as of June, 2009, American forces will no longer have free run of the country.  They will be confined to bases, unless fighting breaks out and they are summoned by the Iraqi government or police to intervene.  They will be subject to prosecution for crimes committed while in Iraq and (here's where it gets a little dicey) might be liable for crimes committed before the new agreement was signed.  American forces will no longer be able to search Iraqi homes without a warrant, question or detain Iraqis outside of the direct request of Iraqi authorities, or walk the streets armed and in uniform.  All of this applies to private security forces being paid to be in Iraq as well.  

We'll have to see how this plays itself out, but if this version S.O.F.A. passes and is installed, Barack Obama won't have to worry about ending the war.  The Iraqis will do it for us.  Pretty amazing, huh.


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