Monday, December 15, 2008

Turning Back the Clock to the Future

Note: I meant to post this a while ago, but got sidetracked. I'm posting it now, not necessarily because it's timely, but because it's new, and the only other thing I have to post about is the "shoe-throwing" incident, which my inner voice is telling me should be edited with tomorrow, after some sleep and a tall, steaming cup of discretion.
So, meanwhile, here's a little tidbit to tide you over. Still relevant, when you consider how much whining Dems are still doing over Obama cabinet picks.
Turning Back the Clock on the Future:

As the days dwindle between now and the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama and Vice-president-elect Joseph Biden, it is beginning to become evident that that "change" stuff that Obama kept talking about is already starting to happen.

As Obama has rolled out department after department, cabinet appointee after cabinet appointee, to a jittery and desperate media and electorate, fears about old familiar faces arise. Members of Clinton's cabinet or White House, members of Bush the First's White House, members of Bush the Second's White House, even....

Obviously, the mainstream media, in its usual stroke of genius and ingenuity (could anyone be duller and less imbued with creativity than a journalist for the Washington Post, the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal? Please), apparently heard the word "change" and thought that meant a Hollywood casting coup. They were expecting positions to be filled by people they could never have thought of. Like, maybe, Brendan Fraser playing the young up-and-comer White House Chief of Staff. Instead, they got... stuffy, old, yesterday's newspaper, Rahm Emanuel. Hey, perhaps Brian Dennehy would have been spiffy as the gruff, yet sensitive ex-Vietnam Vet Secretary of Defense. Instead, the press got stuck with the very unexciting choice of Robert Gates, a Bush cabinet holdover chosen for the sake of diplomatic continuity, rather than TVQ (although, I have to say, the camera loves him). Hey, how about casting Kathy Bates as Attorney General appointee. Oh, wait... Janet Napolitano... close enough.

Barack Obama had to confront this during his press conference to roll out his economic appointments. CNN's Ed Henry had a little emotional breakdown and began spewing questions from every direction. Mostly, though, they boiled down to this: "How can you effect change if you've hired people who've worked in Washington before?" To which Obama replied, in essence, "No matter who works for me, the vision of change comes from... me."

You can't really blame Ed Henry. It's been eight years since we've had a president who has willingly stepped in front of a microphone, short of when the Constitution demanded he do so. And then, he wouldn't take responsibility for anything. This guy, Ed... this new guy, Barack Obama... he's going to make some mistakes. Some little... some big... Maybe even a couple of whoppers (though I'm pretty sure marital infidelity in the Oval Office and starting an unprovoked war in the Middle East won't be among them). But there's every chance in the world that, when he screws up, he's going to take responsibility for it. I think we can stop worrying about Obama's appointments, and turn out attention back to today's economy and today's Constitutional issues, because while Ed Henry is having a mental meltdown, the grown-ups are in the corner, putting their very big brains together and making grown-up decisions.

Everybody really needs to just go take a Valium and wash it down with a martini, then go lie down for a very long nap until this whole transition thing is over. Because frankly, you people are gonna burst a blood vessel before the New Year at this rate.


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