Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Obama Has No Drama

He was raised in Hawaii, that's why.

Very little sense of drama here. Not that individual people don't have drama---humans tend to be able to create that wherever they are. But the place, the collection of relatively small islands in the middle of a vast and unforgiving ocean, built on layers and layers of volcanic effluent, is just designed for brooding. Stuff washes away here. The wind and water come in and move through and go out, and what remains is only the stuff that's tacked down. Drama is usually transient. It's a cherry bomb in the algebra class of life. There's no space for that kind of stuff here.

Here it's aloha, baby. This place is what helped teach our future president the equanimity he displays now. I think we're in for some different times than we've been experiencing for the last, oh, sixteen years (if you include the Clintons and their drama).

Well, glad to be here, and now, I have to get myself to the beach and take a walk.



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