Sunday, February 08, 2009

What's Keeping Me From Blogging?

Ennui? Malaise? Perimenopause? All of the above, most likely. I'm kind of burned out on politics after the last six months... uh... I mean, year... er... no, wait... TWO YEARS! Two freakin' years of those crackpot idiots, and this time, I actually got the president I wanted.

But I think I'm a little disillusioned to discover that, in spite of the positive election results, a) Republicans are still dickweeds, b) Dick Cheney still won't go away, and c) HBO is never going to bring back JOHN FROM CINCINNATI. (That last one was tough to swallow.)

Mostly, I just don't have much to say. Al Franken's still waiting to be seated, Tom Daschle was forced to withdraw (perhaps the only person with all the qualifications needed to handle speedy revamping of our hemorraging healthcare system), and I'm busy writing personal statements, my resume and rewriting my writing sample for grad school.

In short, I don't give a shit. At least for today. Maybe I'll care again tomorrow. Maybe not until next election cycle. Probably not that long. I'm in the midst of having colossal metabolic testing done (blood tests down, saliva tests due to be done the end of the month), and will meet with a doctor at the end of March. Maybe there's some kind of organic reason I'm feeling so blah. I can say that I'm working out like a fiend, minding my food, and am still having trouble losing weight. I'm not able to get to bed before midnight, am waking up between 2 and 3 every morning, and find am to get back to sleep. Plus, I have developed the attention span of the average butterfly. Not good, if you're trying to write in complete sentences.

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for a week. Maybe hanging out with the writers will prove inspiring. Although, with what I've heard goes on at AWP every year, I doubt it. Let's just say that, when you take a bunch of folks trapped in little tiny rooms all day every day, then put them together in hotels with bars and cocktails, the results can be less intellectual and more mundane.

After I come back, there'll be no more long travel for a while. Maybe the occasional overnight excursion, but nothing more than a day or two. I need to be home and on a schedule for a while.

So, that's why there's so little word from me. Hopefully, this too shall pass, and I'll be back to my productive, prolific self.


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