Wednesday, July 08, 2009

No Luck in My Efforts at a Proper Eulogy.

The words just haven't been there. What with the sad, exploitative display everyone's made of Michael Jackson's childhood career, his polished-like-a-new-penny, reconstructed family life, his early childhood history, and, in the end, even his own, innocent children, paraded in their grief and confusion across the stage at the Staple Center in what I found to be the most horrifying way, it's been hard to hear my own self think above the din of revisionist history. Even in death, people seem unable to let this guy be who he actually was.

Fortunately, former A&R exec John Niven went and wrote it for me, and beautifully, in this final, no-holds-barred stroll down the Memory Lane that actually was Michael Jackson. The article was originally published in The Independence, on Independence Day.

I couldn't have said it better myself. R.I.P., Michael. Now, can we move on to another topic of conversation and never discuss this tragic, dangerous, damaged and damaging man again, please?

Thank you.


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